Dear Greta: 9 months

Dear Greta,

Wow! Your 9 months, and what an exciting month it has been! You went on your first international adventure to see Oma & Opa - and you were a superstar on the flight. You made travelling with you so easy and let's hope that continues on any upcoming flights!!

Your Stats: 
  • Weight: 14lbs 5oz
  • Length: 25.5 inches 
The doctor is a little concerned about your weight - she thinks you should be gaining a little faster, but Dad and I think that you are pretty healthy looking. We are going to see if we can get you to eat a litter more and increase your calories with some healthy fats to see if that helps, but overall we are happy with you just as you are! You are happy, sleeping through the night, and have plump cheeks, some babies are just smaller than others and that's okay! Plus, you have come along way from your bitty 2 lbs 9oz start. Your in 6 months clothes now so your not to far off your corrected age, of 7 months!

About You:

Your so busy lately! Not quite crawling yet, but close as your pushing your bum back. You make do with scooting around in a circle to play with your toys and you would actually prefer to stand up holding the couch more than trying to crawl.  You were fantastic with Oma & Opa, you didn't play strange, you enjoyed their company, and loved playing with Opa.  In Germany, we got outside so much more and you got used to your stroller and seemed to enjoy our daily walks.  You got to see one of the prettiest cities in Germany too - Dresden was so good and it was exciting to travel and show you the world (or a little bit of it anyways!). Also you are starting to wave and clap your hands which is super cute, your such a clever little girl!

You Love:
  • baked apples or pears with cinnamon and nutmeg with oatmeal for breakfast
  • your interactive german book we got on the trip
  • laughing when people sneeze
  • going for walks

Just love watching you grow, learn, and amaze us each and everyday my little girly! So proud to be your mom and love you soooo much!


Mama, Dada & Milka

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  1. Sleeping through the night?! I'm jealous. :-)
    She's such a cutie. Certainly looks perfectly well fed with those cheeks. I guess doctor's just go by the numbers?
    My son just started waving bye bye this week and it is so cute! The crawling is.. exciting but less cute! Quite tiring for Mama and Daddy actually, but still cute. ;-)


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