Due Date!

Today, was the day Greta was "predicted" to arrive! Which makes her a term baby today.  As rough as the first 2 months of her life have been on our family emotionally - I'm not sure I would change it.  It has taught me how much strength I have to deal with difficult situations and many other things about myself but mostly I wouldn't change it because I have gotten to spend two more months than most parents do with their baby.  We are lucky that she was strong and was able to come home from the hospital after just over a month so that not all of those 2 months were spend in the atmosphere of the hospital.  I cherish every cuddle, every kiss and each moment with my girl in the comfort of our home.

I am excited to see her progress now that she is term.  She should slowly start to reach the milestones that other newborns do - and I am most excited to have her smile, a smile that I know is not gas but a true smile! Now the exciting time of watching her continue to grow begins!


New look!

I've done a few changes to the blog as I wanted a more streamlined and simple look.  I really am not that great at the customization of the blog using HTML but I think I figured it out?! Let me know what you think and if you have any tips on customization, I really want to change up the header but not sure how to do it.

Have a great day. Be back with some updates and posts soon!

Settling into being home

Greta has been home for over two weeks now!  I thought by now we would have been settled into a routine, but she seems to be a very different baby than I knew in the hospital.  In the hospital, I would frequently ask the nurses if it was normal for her not to cry a lot and they would say don't worry - she does!  Well now that we are home - I know she does!  She is a lot fussier, whether it's the change in environment or routine, I'm unsure.  But, I am not going to complain because she is HERE with us so I will deal with it all and take it in stride.

I am so thankful for my husband.  He has been amazing at night, helping out and even taking care of her while letting me sleep.  Soon harvest will start and he won't be around as much so I will soon have to do it on my own - so I hope we get into a routine soon!

Greta is growing fast - and I feel we are starting to see her personality.  She is my sweet girl and the love I have for her is indescribable! She changes everyday and every morning I look into her eyes - I fall even more in love with this precious gift.  She is so strong and makes me want to be a better person, mom and is teaching me more about myself each day.  I can't wait for her to grow - but while I wait I will enjoy our daily cuddles, her smell, her tiny hands and feet because it all reminds me of the pure bliss I feel having her in our lives.

I'll leave you with some sweet photos I took for her birth announcements