Hey Y'all!
It's the end of my third week of school, and it's been keeping me super busy.  Busy working on assignments and papers that blogging has taken the back burner, sorry!  I am really enjoying school, I have an amazing group of classmates and have really enjoyed getting to know them and making new friendships.  I am definately super happy with my decision to enter this field, almost everyday for the last few weeks I've had a "OT's do that?!? Wow!" moments.  There are so much diversity in this program and I enjoy learning it all.
We have been talking a lot about culture and cultural awareness, due to the diversity of the clientele we will meet.  As part of this week had a cultural potluck, where we were to bring food that were culturally meaningful to us.  As I mostly identify myself as a Canadian I decided I would take something they felt was quintessentially "Canadian Prairie's" -- a saskatoon pie! Mmmm..have you had saskatoon's?!? Best berry ever and add it to a pie -- be still my heart, get me my fat pants it's chowtime! LOL. It was nice to take a break from the books and hit the kitchen, which is my happy place! 
But, it's back to the books again today.  So I'll leave you with a little saskatoon food porn, in the form of a pie, galette and turnovers.  Feast your eyes my friends and if you like follow me on Instagram @prettyprairie!
Happy weekend.