Caution: Changes Ahead

I am currently working on "beautifying" the blog.  I don't have Photoshop but am currently trying to figure out how to use  I've been wanting to work the title image a bit but am having a hard time figuring out "layers". You may see a few changes over the next little bit - hopefully for the better!

Yay for Thursday - it's almost the weekend! My husband and I are planning on working on a little DIY home decor I hope to share with you soon.

Our Little Diva

I purchased my first DSLR a little while back and am currently learning how to use it before we head to Africa in July.  We had a beautiful scene at the beach while at the lake this weekend so we got Milka to sit for a little photoshoot.

This diva loves the camera and steals out hearts!



Weekend Update

This weekend was a long weekend for us in Canada, and as has been the tradition for the last 5 or so years we headed to the Whiteshell to friend's of our cabin to enjoy a little getaway.

As most May longs it turned out the weather was a little unpredictable. Saturday started off rainy so our day was inside consisting of chatting, pictionary and of course I enjoyed a few Pimm's and Ceasars.  We lucked out that it clear off into the evening and were able to enjoy a colorful sunset on "the rock".

Sunday turned out to be a lovely day and we relaxed on the beach, went for a hike and just enjoyed the sunshine and peacefulness of the lake.

and we were graced with this beautiful sunset

Times sure have changed from the first few years we made this trip - where we partied till the sun came up.  The addition of children {or in our case, dogs!} and the ages inching closer to 30 and beyond - it's more a family-friendly weekend.  Meaning today I am nursing a sunburn, not a 3 day long hangover and am not sure whether to celebrate or mourn the loss of my 20's.

Do you have a tradition that has continued for years but you have noticed begining to change with the changes of life?

Have a great week! I hope to blog more as I have been a bit silent!



Confessions and Changes

So I have come to learn that I am not very good at this blogging thing! It's easier to read others blogs because that just takes going to my Bloglovin' feed in the AM and catching up on the latest posts which involves reading and enjoying the thoughts, ideas and/or pictures.  Writing my own blog, on the other hand, takes a little more effort; thinking of what to write and share, then preparing the post and the process of trying to make my blog "pretty" which I am still an amateur at! I need to really fit it into my schedule and make it happen -- which unfortunately that is about to get harder due to my latest news!

I wrote previously about filling out applications for graduate studies and well DRUMROLL.....I got accepted to one of those programs. Meaning: my life is about to become a whole lot busier starting in August! It's going to be a busy upcoming 2 years but I am looking forward to having this blog as an outlet that hopefully is unrelated to my studies and to follow blogs that keep my head in the non-acedemic world so I can keep some sanity and sense of a different life!!

I'll leave you with a few photo's I've snapped and posted on Instagram lately (I have a slight tree obsession and a bit of a thing with "paths" while awaiting my fate for school!).

Happy Monday