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The smell of rising dough and baking bread takes me back to when I was young and brings memories of my grandmother.  It's amazing what just a single smell can trigger.  As I sat and waited for the bread dough to rise a few weekends ago - my mind went a drift to my younger years as a barefoot young girl, running across the fresh cut grass to my grandmothers house. This was the everso comforting scent that met me at her door.  A bowl would be sitting on the table and rising in the sun. We would sip tea and I would hear stories of her younger years as a child and hang on ever word.

Life goes so fast. I miss these days. I miss that woman.

Luckily, just a scent can bring back such thoughts - memories flow and I know she will not be forgotten.  It reminds me to treasure the tiny moments in our lives as they are the most important.

Happy Weekend!



spring has sprung and MMI oh my!

We have been lucky here in Manitoba with weather this year - and spring is definately in the air.  With the extra hour of daylight I feel like I have so much more time to get things done (lol).  I have been distant from the blog for a bit because life got in the way and kept me busy. 

I had my interview for graduate studies - and let me tell you it was stressful.  The interview utilzed by the faculty is the same interview format that is used by many medical schools.  It's called an MMI (multiple mini interviews), which is very different from the traditional panel interview.  It consists of 8 mini inteviews that are scenario or discussion based.  There are 4 potential stations: communication, collaboration, acting and written.  I personal feel that I would be more successful in an panel interview because I felt that this format did not allow me to capitalize on or allow me to discuss my great deal of experience in the field of rehabilitation - but for now it is over and I will await the result which should be available within a month. 

For now I will enjoy the weather, enjoy walks outside with Milka and continue to dream of summer.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot - we booked our honeymoon and are going to be headed to Africa for a safari in Kenya and relaxation on the beach in Zanzibar come July! I'll fill you in as it gets closer but I am super excited!