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The smell of rising dough and baking bread takes me back to when I was young and brings memories of my grandmother.  It's amazing what just a single smell can trigger.  As I sat and waited for the bread dough to rise a few weekends ago - my mind went a drift to my younger years as a barefoot young girl, running across the fresh cut grass to my grandmothers house. This was the everso comforting scent that met me at her door.  A bowl would be sitting on the table and rising in the sun. We would sip tea and I would hear stories of her younger years as a child and hang on ever word.

Life goes so fast. I miss these days. I miss that woman.

Luckily, just a scent can bring back such thoughts - memories flow and I know she will not be forgotten.  It reminds me to treasure the tiny moments in our lives as they are the most important.

Happy Weekend!



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