Well it's been a bit since my last post and I'm sorry!

I told you I was going to start working on a DIY project and well it's complete!

This is the pin-inspired pallet coffee table my hubby and I build together - and are still married! Kidding, it went well once he got the vision I was going for.

We started with a pallet I got from my sister - so it was free! We actually got two but were able to complete the project with just one because we made a smaller I may work on a second pallet project soon too!

We removed all the boards by prying and hammering from the otherside. (Whew - what a workout that was, sure didn't need to exercise that day!)  Once all the boards were off, we measured the planks to the length we had measured using a mitre saw {which was the gift I gave my husband for Chrismas - no alterive motive I promise!} After they were cut I used an electric hand sander and sanded all the pieces until smooth.

After all that work we put it together and go this!

I wanted it higher so instead of putting it on industrial castor on we used some of the remaining wood to make legs instead. 

And finally....
 the stained finished project in our living room!

I am really loving it! I feel it gives our room a little cozier feeling.  Now to purchase a nice rug for underneather to anchor the room.

Sorry, I never took photos of the in between steps.  If you have any questions about the construction I would be happy to answer them! It actually was not too hard of a project and I love that when people ask where we got it I can say "I made it" (well "I" being my husband and me - but he is letting me take the credit because it was my vision and all he really did was cut the board). Being able to say this is empowering!

It was funny a few days after it was completed I got an email from my sister with a picture of dining room table she asked if I could "build" her! I think that might take abit more knowledge and power tools.

Hope you like - Happy Monday!



I am spending my last day of this long weekend on a bit of Operation: Organization!

We have an average sized home but for the size of it I find that we lack a lot of storage.  The kitchen is smaller with limited counter space and lack of usable cabinet space.  I have been scouring pinterest {feel free to follow} for ideas to utilize space and feel a little more organized.  Feeling a bit less chaotic after a few things have been put into a more functional space, but I have a long way to go - mainly due to the generosity of community members and family at our wedding showers last year.  I have closets full of items that have not been open or have been put back in to the box after it's used because of lack of space.  I hope some of these organization finds can help to make use of some space.

I really want to place my baking supplies in the pantry with decals just like this! Seen that Dollarama has some of the canisters so am going to pick some up for the smaller size and then for flour and sugar I may order from Ikea.


Was thinking of adding some open shelving for storage of some prettier items {wine, wine glasses etc.}

Pinned Image

I would like to add pull-out shelving to the cupboard where we store our cans because everything gets pushed to the back, but until that happens I have started keeping an inventory list on the inside of the door so I know what I have before I go shopping without having to dig through the cupboard!

Pantry shelving from Kitchen Pull out shelves

Lastly, if (or when) we move/renovate/build I definitely want this nifty little idea for my mixer!

Milk and Cookie Bar
How about you - do you have any organization tips? Wishes for your kitchen?



My friends and I get together once in a while for Sunday brunch, it seems to be a day and time that works well for everyone when people live out of town, have babies and crazy work schedules.  I really enjoy this time with my friends.  We alternate the hosting home and we each bring a dish. It's great; most important meal of the day with some of the best people in your life! It's a great way to end a weekend as well as embark on the new week. 

This weekend I made this - delish! Was a big hit!

I am currently working on this project and hope to share my tale and results when I'm finished. I wrote in this post about waiting in for an important letter - it came and I got an interview for Masters of Physical Therapy!! So excited - now I have to prepare to be ready for it in March!  

Happy Monday!
What are your valentine's plans for tomorrow?



{personal photo}
Happy Friday!

It's a fogging day here - but I find it so lovely and calm. Joyous even.

Have a good weekend.


{personal photo}

I know I'm a day late - but Happy February!

January has past and I have to say I did well on my January goals - I'm a vitamin-taking machine and my meal planning has been going great (it's so nice to have it all planned out and make one shopping trip a week to buy groceries - and I save more money!)

So now that the month of love is here its time to set a new group of goals.  Two things I have set are:
1. I want to take more photos - well iPhone photos if they count!?
I really enjoy photography {and would love to invest in as DSLR camera but I have to justify the money} so one photo a day is my goal.  I am taking the Instagram February photo challenge so this should help with my success. 
2. Be more active.   
 I guess really work out which is actually something I enjoy doing, but for the last few months {actually since our wedding!} I have been in a real lull - maybe I'm just enjoying married life?! Whatever it is it needs to stop and my goal is to get Ms. Jillian Micheals to whip my a$$ into gear!  Plus work is slow at the moment so I can't use it as an excuse!

Have you set some goals this month?
Are you a February / Valentine's lover or do you feel it's to commercial?
I personal love that there's a day {or month for some} that we designate to show love to people we care about - and it doesn't have to be with jacked up roses prices - to me it's small things that count. Even a few gummy hearts wrapped up is sweet gesture!