I am spending my last day of this long weekend on a bit of Operation: Organization!

We have an average sized home but for the size of it I find that we lack a lot of storage.  The kitchen is smaller with limited counter space and lack of usable cabinet space.  I have been scouring pinterest {feel free to follow} for ideas to utilize space and feel a little more organized.  Feeling a bit less chaotic after a few things have been put into a more functional space, but I have a long way to go - mainly due to the generosity of community members and family at our wedding showers last year.  I have closets full of items that have not been open or have been put back in to the box after it's used because of lack of space.  I hope some of these organization finds can help to make use of some space.

I really want to place my baking supplies in the pantry with decals just like this! Seen that Dollarama has some of the canisters so am going to pick some up for the smaller size and then for flour and sugar I may order from Ikea.


Was thinking of adding some open shelving for storage of some prettier items {wine, wine glasses etc.}

Pinned Image

I would like to add pull-out shelving to the cupboard where we store our cans because everything gets pushed to the back, but until that happens I have started keeping an inventory list on the inside of the door so I know what I have before I go shopping without having to dig through the cupboard!

Pantry shelving from Kitchen Pull out shelves

Lastly, if (or when) we move/renovate/build I definitely want this nifty little idea for my mixer!

Milk and Cookie Bar
How about you - do you have any organization tips? Wishes for your kitchen?



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