Yesterday, I turned 30.

Yikes! One of those big milestone birthdays, and as I got my birthday wishes I also got a lot of "how does it feel to be thirty?" questions.  Why do people ask that? Does it ever feel different on your actual birthday, like something just changes that day? It never does for me, I think the adjustment to thirty will come throughout the year as I inch closer to 31!  Although I don't feel different - I can definitely notice a difference in how life has changed through how I celebrate my birthday.

When I turned 18, 21, 25 and even 28 I threw a celebration.  At 18 it was a huge New Year's Bash that seemed to last a couple days, I think I went to the bar with my older sister as none of my friends could go yet (downside of being at the beginning of the year).  Then for 21 it was an epic bar adventure, 25 was a house party with great friends and 28 was a lovely just girls shindig at our place.  The celebrations seemed to get small and more intimate (only my real close friends) as I aged. A couple months ago, I thought I was going to throw a big epic 30th birthday party bash - full of food stations, specialty cocktails, photobooth, and lots of glitter to celebrate with a close group of couples - then I changed my mind! As a mom, it just didn't seem like it would work out. The planning, the babysitter, pumping - worrying about her taking a bottle...etc. So instead, our celebration ended up being a fancy dinner with my love. Three hours of great food, great conversation, and the very best company (oh and a few glasses of Pinot Noir!).   

Although, it may not feel different it is, at 30 I'm more mature, with more responsibility and I'm a mom.  Life changes us as the years pass, and for everyone it's different.  I don't feel old. I am happy where I am at 30. I accomplished most of what I wanted to by 30, in order to be a mom - my dream of having my Masters by thirty was pushed back, but I wouldn't change it because becoming a mother has taught me so much that will help me when I go back to school.

I'm happy being thirty, and it's crazy to think what will happen in the next 30 years! I think that epic birthday bash will happen at 40, cause I'll probably be craving a little bit of my youth then!


  1. Welcome to 30 and happy belated birthday! I agree with you on birthday celebrations changing as we get older and being totally ok with it - all I wanted this year was to be with my little family! :) Hope you have a wonderful year!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I'm pretty sure this year will be one of the best years as Greta grows!

  2. Following from the Momlovin' Blog Hop! Welcome to your 30's! It's an elite club for the coolest of cool! ;)
    Eva @

    1. Thank-you! Ya, I think my 30's are going to be some of the best years!


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