Word for 2014

Instead of making resolutions this year (because I never stick to them), I decided to approach 2014 with one word in mind to guide my years decisions and actions.  I toyed with a few words. (content | embrace) but in the end the word that I decided on was enough.

I want 2014 to be a year where I am completely happy with what I have.  Not that I'm not happy with it currently -- but in a world that is filled with social media outlets, like Instagram and Pinterest, I find that I'm comparing myself to others and always wanting more.  But the thing is we don't need more what we have is enough. We have so much stuff in our lives already (so much that I need to ride this house of lots!) and really the thing that I need is to be content and embrace what we have first  I chose the word enough instead of embrace or content because I think it is a word that can continually think about in all aspects of my daily life in order to make 2014 great!  Once I realize that I am enough, what we have is enough and what I do is enough then embracing and being content will naturally happen.  

How do you approach the new year? Do you make resolutions or choose a word to guide you? Or do you not really approach the new year any differently than any other day?

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