Day 38

So it has been over a month since I posted last {wow - it seems like that went fast}.  As much as I thought I would have time to write about this experience - it just hasn't happened.  My daily routine has become getting up at 6am to pump (which means I'd also been up at 12am and 3am - if I didn't sleep though the alarm), going back for a little snooze time 730 when we get up, have breakfast and I call in to see how Greta did overnight.  Then I do some things around the house like a load of laundry or something in the nursery before having a shower and pumping again at 9.  I then pack up for day and head to the hospital to be with our girl.  If, Matt comes in with me that day we generally leave later and I have time to do more things around the house. I stay with Greta until 5 or 6 then head home for the evening.  I am usually beat and have to admit that we don't generally have very good suppers if any at all - especially when it's hot in the house.

It has been quite the month but have to say that Greta generally had good days - which we know we are lucky to experience. She has had days where she is tired but no major setbacks in her progress.  Which means that we hope this routine will soon end and we will start a new one that will generally involve being in our own home. 


Hopefully we have this sweet face at home by next week.  I know again it will be busy and I will not post frequently but hope to be back to share Greta's nursery and other experiences of her being home.  In the interim you can follow me on Instagram {@prettyprairie} to see Greta photos and stay updated.

Hope to be back soon!