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Hey folks!

Just popping in to let you know that I'm guest posting over at Joyful Life today, as part of her "Happy Home Maker" house tour series!

Joyful Life

Here's a sneak peek:


Head over to see some more of our home!

Tschüss! (for now)

(note: Tschüss! is bye! in German)

Well, only a few more days until we are off on our trip! I'm getting really excited, although at the same time - I'm feeling a bit unprepared. I still have quite a bit to do before the we jet-off but just wanted to pop in one last time before there is a bit of radio silence here on the blog.  I had considered asking for a few people to guest post while I'm gone, but I really didn't want to burden anyone else with posts-- and frankly, I didn't find the time to think to much about it. So sorry, it will be a bit quiet around these parts over the next couple weeks -- but stick with me (please!) and check back in a few weeks -- because I hope to post lots of travel pictures!!

I would like to tell you to make sure you follow me on Instagram, but I'm afraid it might be a little silent too since my in-laws don't have wi-fi (gasp -- the horror! hehe) and I'm not aware of how/if you can post from a computer. Hopefully when we head on our little trip to Dresden, the second week of our trip, I'll be able to post some travel pictures of the beautiful city and Greta! You'll probably get some classic airport picture thou - if that interests you (hopefully a dead-tired mom, crying baby selfie won't make an appearance...).

Well, I'm off to tackle some heaps of laundry, start planning what to pack, and then will tackle the packing this weekend. I had thought of doing a "Travel Diaper Bag" post but that will depend on time or it might wait until we are back to ensure I actually packed the right stuff, lol.

 Hope you all have a great Valentine's day! I'll be snuggling with this lil' valentine tomorrow:

serious cuteness right there!

Take care guys!


"a portrait of Greta, once a week, every week in 2014"

| sitting pretty with Auntie Melanie |

currently. {5} & a waffle bar

thinking about | our trip. Been busy planning, making lists, booking rental cars and hotels for a little trip we are taking while at Matt's parents. Just over a week until we head off on this adventure. I'm excited and dreading it all at the same time. I just really hope the flight goes well, but I have visions (more like nightmares) that Greta screams the whole flight and has teeth push through on the plane. Ugh, I hope it does not become reality! I hope she smiles and bats those baby blues as all passengers oh and ah at her, praising her calm demeanor. I guess time will tell which is the outcome. Traveling with a baby/kid(s) is going to be our reality over the years so I better get used to it. My goals for this week are to get everything packed up and organized so we aren't rushing around next weekend and we can just relax before our adventure. 

listening to | this song

reading | nothing currently, but looking for suggestions to read on the plane...oh wait will I have time to read on the plane this trip as I have Greta to keep entertained?! I'll take one just in case I do -- read anything really good lately?

watching | the Olympcs! of course!  I'm a huge fan of watching the Olympics, love cheering on our athletes and take pride in how they represent our country.  Every 4 years I end up wishing I had taken up speed-skating or skiing as I watch in awe at these athletes - especially since we have had major olympic speed-skaters come from right here in Manitoba!! Gold, silver, bronze or 25th - I'm proud of every athlete who wears the maple leaf with pride! Just love the unity the Olympics bring to our country & the world!

thankful for | great friends. "My Girls" a group of girls I've been friends with since elementary/high school came over this weekend for brunch! I just love our get togethers, we've gone from single ladies night out, to meeting "the boys" as they entered the group, to weddings, and now our children are growing together. I am so thankful for their friendship, their advice, their hearts, and their support. Friends that have been around for the good, the bad, and the ugly are the absolute best!

For our brunch I did a "waffle bar" which was so fun! Here are a few photos ( I love hosting, just wish my home was bigger!). Sorry I never got photo of the delish waffles and pfannkuchen, I snapped some photos before they arrived and then go too busy talking and being present (which is more important anyways!) that I never took photos of the complete spread but this is a little peek! 

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Dear Greta: 8 months

Dear Greta,

Oh my sweet girl, I can't believe that you are 8 months today! You are growing up so fast right before our eyes as it seems you are different and learning something new everyday. It's so amazing to see you getting so big.  This month your little cousin, Brenna, finally arrived - it's going to be exciting watching you two grow up together - she just might be bigger than you before you know it!!

Your Stats:

We are going to a doctor's appointment in a few days where will get your current weight.  You are not gaining weight very quickly right now, and at at your last appointment the doctor was slightly concerned.  We will see what you have gained after the last month and then see what the doctors says. Your eating solids now, twice a day, so we really hope that this helps.  Your in 3-6 month clothes tight now and we have passed all your old 0-3 stuff to Brenna.

About You:

You are napping so much better lately, taking a good long morning nap - which makes you and Mommy happy!  Your sleeping okay at night, although you had a few rough nights lately where you just want to be held or in our bed. Your still sleeping in a cradle beside our bed, but we think it's about time we move you to your crib, Dad thinks your waking yourself up from hitting the sides of the cradle.  I never thought it would be so hard to move you into your own room, but it is time and we have decided that once we are back from our trip to Germany it will happen. 

Your sitting up by yourself! You can't get into sitting on your own yet but if I put you into sitting then you sit and play very well.  You have just started pushing your bum back while on your tummy and I think that you'll start attempting to crawl soon -- and then things will change!  Your eating oatmeal, rice cereal, sweet potato, banana, pears, carrots, avocado, and apples. It's a fun mealtime with our little family of three eating together and your grabbing at our plates!

You have started to get some nicknames! Daddy loves calling you "Gretski" and jokes that you and cousin Ebba are going to be great Germany hockey players at the Olympics one day! Haha. We also call you, sweet girl, sweet pea and squeaky.  

You Love:
  • pears and oatmeal is your favorite food right now, with carrots a close second.
  • music
  • listening to Mommy read
  • bathtime
  • swimming! we went the first time this month and you really had fun.

In just a few weeks we are off on your first airplane ride and trip to Germany it should be exciting and I think there will be so much change this month!

Love you sweet girl!

Mommy, Daddy & Milka


"a portrait of Greta, once a week, every week in 2014"

| cuddles with Grandma |

currently. {4}

This weekend I was watching Marley and Me, man I love that movie and now as a mom I really related more to Jennifer Aniston's character, especially when she makes the decision to stay at home with their children because she doesn't want to be the mom that only sees her children for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. This go me thinking about returning to school. I have a meeting later this week to discuss my options for returning to school in the spring/summer.  I was still on my fieldwork placement when Greta arrived and was therefore unable to complete the last 4 weeks I had left of the 8 week placement.  Therefore, I need to redo this placement plus the last year of school.  I have to decide how I want to go about returning, whether I want to do redo my placement in May/June and then return to classes full-time at the end of August or if I want to just return to school in August and bumped the reminder of my placements back which pushes back my graduation and licensing exam back. I never knew how hard this decision would be. I was always so career-focus prior to becoming pregnant and becoming a mom. Now, I'm having a rough time think about putting Greta in daycare, and being a full-time student alongside being a mom. It's going to be rough. I have to finish school -- I'm one term away from my Masters, a goal I have set for myself since I was 16 but then I think of missing so many first and all the time with my girl. I'm so torn. Do I do school part-time over two years or do I just go full-time for a year and just get finished? There are finances to consider, precious time with Greta to think about, and future plans to consider. Lack of sleep this weekend is not helping - I've been so emotional about this decision that a year ago while pregnant I didn't think would be so hard to make. I guess what I really need to starting listening to is what my heart tells me is the right decision and be thankful for a husband that will support my decision, a school that is willing to be accommodating, and for all the minutes I have gotten to spend with my sweet girl over the past 8 months.

Besides a major lack of sleep, due to Greta only wanting to be held or in our bed to sleep this weekend, it was a pretty good weekend since we went to visit my sister's family again. Here are some pics:

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