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This weekend I was watching Marley and Me, man I love that movie and now as a mom I really related more to Jennifer Aniston's character, especially when she makes the decision to stay at home with their children because she doesn't want to be the mom that only sees her children for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. This go me thinking about returning to school. I have a meeting later this week to discuss my options for returning to school in the spring/summer.  I was still on my fieldwork placement when Greta arrived and was therefore unable to complete the last 4 weeks I had left of the 8 week placement.  Therefore, I need to redo this placement plus the last year of school.  I have to decide how I want to go about returning, whether I want to do redo my placement in May/June and then return to classes full-time at the end of August or if I want to just return to school in August and bumped the reminder of my placements back which pushes back my graduation and licensing exam back. I never knew how hard this decision would be. I was always so career-focus prior to becoming pregnant and becoming a mom. Now, I'm having a rough time think about putting Greta in daycare, and being a full-time student alongside being a mom. It's going to be rough. I have to finish school -- I'm one term away from my Masters, a goal I have set for myself since I was 16 but then I think of missing so many first and all the time with my girl. I'm so torn. Do I do school part-time over two years or do I just go full-time for a year and just get finished? There are finances to consider, precious time with Greta to think about, and future plans to consider. Lack of sleep this weekend is not helping - I've been so emotional about this decision that a year ago while pregnant I didn't think would be so hard to make. I guess what I really need to starting listening to is what my heart tells me is the right decision and be thankful for a husband that will support my decision, a school that is willing to be accommodating, and for all the minutes I have gotten to spend with my sweet girl over the past 8 months.

Besides a major lack of sleep, due to Greta only wanting to be held or in our bed to sleep this weekend, it was a pretty good weekend since we went to visit my sister's family again. Here are some pics:

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  1. That is a big decision.
    I'll pray for you. I have a friend who waited till her youngest was 10 to go back to school.
    Everyone does it there own way. No right or wrong.
    God will lead you. It will be ok.
    You are a great mom in school or not, at work or not.
    Concentrate on the positives... you will go far.

  2. Oh man what a sweet little newborn!! I love the pictures.

    I totally hear you with being conflicted about school and where your time is being spent. I'm such an impulsive person though, that when I get an idea in my head, I dive in headfirst. This kind of takes away the questioning process. But sometimes it backfires on me and I regret my hasty decision.

    I know you and your husband will figure out what's best for your family. And as Emily said, there isn't a right or wrong way... you will come to a decision that will be hard (either way), but you will know in your heart if you are at peace with that decision. Blessings, Kelli. You rock.

  3. I loved the way you formatted this Currently post! And like Jenna said, I know you will figure it all out. Sometimes the in-between, when you're questioning and trying to make a decision, can be so.. nerve wracking! I tend to get so anxious about a thing before it even happens. So silly. Good luck with everything, and thanks for linking up!

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