Friday Ramblings {vol. 2}

Hello Friday! How has your week been? I have to say I have had a pretty good week - I don't want to jinks myself but you guys...Greta has been napping really well this week! We were having a little issue with her morning nap, I think maybe I was trying to put her down too early (around 9ish) but as soon as I decided to bump it to around 10 or slightly after she has been great (nearly 2 hrs!), that's ALOT of time. I've gotten dishes, laundry AND a workout in twice already this week! I feel so re-energized it's amazing. We are still working on the afternoon nap - Wednesday it was brutal and she ended up sleeping in my arms, but Tuesday and Thursday she slept over an hour. Fingers crossed it keeps up...and then we will head to Germany, oh I think that might mess with it! Oh well, I've learned it's on ongoing journey of nailing the right time.

If you follow on Insta the you have seen this pic, but seriously have to post it..she's just too cute!

Few random things:

one | Today, I'm taking Greta swimming for the first time! We are meeting up with two of my girlfriends and their little ones! I'm really excited, she's going to be so cute in her little bathing suit! I really hope she likes it and we can make it a more regular thing.

two | I'm so obsessed with coconut oil these days. Using it instead of butter in recipes. Toasting my oatmeal in it in the mornings. Using it to remove make-up. There so many posts about it's benefits, lately, I'm sold on the food aspect, but am coming around to it as a moisturizer too my skin is so dry this winter, if anything I'll smell great!

three | Excited to go see my niece again this weekend! Oh, just can't wait for some more newborn cuddles.

four | I'm super excited for February.  I swear I might spend the first 14 days cooking anything chocolate, red, and heart-shaped - I might start with this quinoa chocolate cake. Oh, ya and dress Greta in everything hearts! Ya, Valentine's is such a commercial "holiday" but I kinda love it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That picture of Greta is so darling! I love it! Way to go with the workouts...keep it up! :) It's so hard to get started. I also love to put coconut oil on my stretch marks and scar mixed with some lavender oil.

    1. Thanks Andrea - she looks so grown up eh? and that smirk! I actually have been doing T25 Speed 1.0 (found it on YouTube..the whole T25 system is expensive! but I like this one video it might be worth the investement?) I'll have to try that with the lavender oil - thanks for the tip!


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