Dear Greta: Six Months!

Dear Greta,

I can't believe it has been six months (half a year!) since you entered this world and stole our hearts.  Time goes by to quickly and there are times I wish it would slow down because before we know it I'll be back at to classes and longing for the days spent at home with you. Now, although you are technically six months (only 4 months adjusted) you are not doing everything a typical six month old would do but you are getting close! Everyday we see you change and do things that amaze us - your Dad claims you'll be walking soon as he was an early walker, but I have to remind him that you will do things on your own time.  Although you have been in this world for six months we have to remind ourselves that no matter how clever of a girl you are, you have been in the world two months longer than others and still have to catch up.

Your Stats:

Today, we are headed to the doctor's so we will find out your weight and see if our predictions are right that you around 12 lbs.  You are getting a special immunization today so that you don't get a virus that could make you really sick if you were to get it so we are taking precautions and you will have to get 1 shot a month for the next 5 months (sorry for all the pokes you'll receive but we feel it's better than more time back in the hospital). Your wearing some 3-6 month outfits, more for the length but your growing!

About You:

Your working on learning to roll! We play games on the floor every morning and we do "rolly polly ollie" which you love and giggle throughout.  Your also explore your feet! I made up a jingle bell rattle for your feet and your amazed every time you kick and her the sound.  We also sing this "little piggy" and you giggle every time the little piggy goes "wee" all the way home. Your smile and laughs light a fire in our hearts, your just so precious, my sweet girl!

Naps! Finally naps are getting better, I can't say everyday but more consistently you are taking naps in your crib! As much as I enjoy our cuddles, it is nice to have you napping in your crib - the house has gotten decorated for the holidays and more laundry had been done.

Speaking of laundry, another big thing this month is that we started cloth diapering you! We are trialing it out because Daddy is not so happy about this plan but we will see. You have really cute baby tush is your cloth diapers!

You Love:
  • Playing with your playgym
  • Sitting in the bumbo while we eat dinner 
  • Snuggles with Daddy
  • Playing "Super Greta"
Look at the progress you have made! Watching you grow is incredible. We love you so much. Next up is your first Christmas - so excited!

Mommy, Daddy & Milka 


  1. Aww, she's starting to get some little leg rolls! So sweet! :)
    Hope cloth diapering goes well...we love ours! And you're right - fluffy cloth diaper bums are the cutest! :)

    1. Yes she's got some chub - it's so cute! So far I'm loving the cloth, the hubs not so much - still needs some convincing. We are just borrowing my sisters to trial it before shelling out the cash. What kind of cloth do you use? We are currently using Bum Genius pockets. Any tips/advice you have would be great!

  2. Such a sweet little lady! So excited to be following along! :)


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