DIY: Burlap Holiday Banner

Today, I put together a simple burlap banner for above our TV.  This area is pretty empty, but I have plans for a gallery wall for the space, so decided to get used to having something there by adding a holiday banner.

It was relatively simple.

 You need:

  • burlap fabric
  • baker's twine or any other twine/string/yarn
  • black sharpie
  • stencil (or not if your good at free handing letters)

I just cut the out rectangles (appr. 4x6 in) from the burlap {check out this post for getting a straight cut}. Used a stencil to trace letters and colored in with a black sharpie. Then I threaded a darning needle with my baker's twine and threaded it through the letters. It's hung up by 4 thumbtacks. Voila!

I thought Merry Christmas was pretty long so I went with "Be Merry" - puts me in the right mood every time I look at it!

What have you been working on for Christmas decor and crafts?


  1. Kelli! I am so happy your found my blog, I LOVE when I come across blogs of those going into OT too! I just had my last day of classes and I am getting ready to move to NH to do both my level 2 fieldworks. Your blog is adorable, I love it!

    1. Your so lucky your done classes! I would be entering my second last fieldwork if I weren't on maternity leave, I had thought of going back right after baby but with my scary entrance into motherhood I'm glad I didn't -- think it would have been too stressful!! Thankfully the OT department was adaptable and enabled me to have the time off. What areas are you doing for final fieldwork in? Good luck with the move!!


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