Last week I picked up a design book while out shopping, as I was looking for inspiration on some renovations and styling I would like to do around the house.

I found this quote in the book I purchased and I absolutely love it!

{from Romantic Prairie Style}
Fitting for today - enjoy our planet. Happy Earth Day.

Little spring in my step!

I have to say I had a pretty great Easter weekend! How about you? Why was it so great you may ask. Well first I had a great time co-hosting Easter dinner with my sister. We made a great meal, which included a bourbon glazed ham, gruyere and leek scalloped potatoes being the highlight. It was delish! But the day that made my weekend was yesterday! Why? Because I did nothing. Yep! N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I took full advantage of my 4th day off in a row. No laundry. No cooking. No cleaning. And you know what, I did not feel guilty! I enjoyed it! Stayed in my PJ's, Skyped my in-laws and vegged. The best part is - today I feel like I could conquer the world. It's amazing. I'm loving it. Maybe my joyous feeling is from my watching of the everso motivation Oprah's Lifeclass. Whatever it is I'm loving it! So how about you how was your Easter weekend? Happy Monday :) xoxo Kelli