So I'm a HUGE country music fan and I know a lot of people out there are not. Lots of people think that country music is the stereotypical stuff of beer drink, wife leaving and truck driving songs. Yes, they exist and I like some of those too. But, there are some that come along that have great lyrics that really stick with you. Currently I am loving the song, "Glass" by Thompson Square. Here is my favorite part:

I've had the song on repeat, go check it out!  What is your favorite genre of music? Do you like country music?

Hoping for the perfect fit.

I am about to embark on my journey of returning to school. I have been prepared for the fact that I would return to school to complete my Masters, but I wasn't prepared fully for it to be in the particular field I will begin my studies in, in just a few weeks.

You see, for the last 10 years, since I graduated high school {mind blown - time flies!} I've been preparing for, immersed myself in and urned passionately to become a Physical Therapist. That has been the career I have dreamed of.  Now, I guess fate - or life - had another plan for me. It seemed no matter how many times I had applied, how many course I had redone, or how many years I had waited for this program to become a Masters rather than a Bachelors degree the stars never seem to align.  So this past year after 5 applications, 3 interviews, 5 years of school, 3 or 4 retaken classes to improve grades and being waitlisted once - I gave up.  Well maybe not gave up, but I surcame to fate.  In addition to applying for Physical Therapy, I also applied to another department in the Medical Rehabilitation Faculty: Occupational Therapy.  Luck would have it, I applied, had an interview and got accepted!

Now, over the last couple months since accepting the offer, I have to admit that I have not been elated - to say the least. I have hummed and hawed, over and over again.  I have cried, I have been angry and I have wonder how I could just give up on a ten-year dream and move on.  Moving on is hard, especially from a dream that I have told every soul I have met and talk about all the time. How am I going to face people? What are people going to think? These questions have continually crossed my mind.

Then after talking with friends - and of course my mother - I realized, that many peoples lives changes paths.  No one is going to hold it against me that even though my Dream/Future Plans in the high school yearbook states Physical Therapy and I am not on that path. Newsflash - half the peoples lives are nowhere near what they had planned.  My problem was that I had planned my life so fully around one idea/concept/dream that I never gave anything else a chance. Plus, for those of you who know the fields, Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) are similar and also have differences - and maybe the differences and ideas that set OT apart from PT are where I will excel.

That is why I am hoping that this choice is the perfect fit. You see my main focus on PT was because I love learning about the body, and in particular how it works {hence my degree in Human Movement} but I also wanted to help individuals restore movement to continue with tasks. Now in PT I would be doing this by using exercise, soft-tissue techniques and other health care related modalities to help recover from injury.  Now with OT, I will be trying to restore movement to complete tasks, but be going about it using different methods, some similar with exercise, tissue work - but the part that I think has helped me realize that this may be the perfect fit, is that I will get to use some creativity - bring in some arts and crafts ideas and brainstorm different ways to approach the tasks at had. In the end, physical therapy would have left me doing just that a lot of physical work that may be hard on my body in years to come, but with occupational therapy I can use all of my body: physically, mentally and creatively. 

So I'm putting on my creative hat, using my love and passion for the human body and keeping my will to help others regain their lives - and letting fate take its course as I begin my journey this August - hoping I have found the niche to excel my career!

So tell me: Have you stayed on course and never gave up? Have you flip-flopped careers, life paths? Do you believe fate has a way of getting you on track? I would love to hear your experiences and ideas!

Happy Friday.

wow, it's August!

Wow. It's been a month since I blogged, and what a month it was!

Africa, was ah-mazing. Best experience of my life. I hope to share the details and some photos from the trip but things are in full swing around here with harvest. I quit my job before we left for Africa in order to prepare myself for school, but I am working this August on the farm with my husband. It has (and will continue) to be busy until we get the crop off.

Just stopping by to say, "Hi!"

Also sitting on the combine, gives me a great perspective of the prairies I love - so I have been "clicking and driving"! Here are some photos I have snapped while on the big machine.


Hope to be back soon with some Africa photos and stories!