December Goals

I can't believe December is here! The countdown to Christmas has begun and I feel like there is still a ton to do this month.  I wanted to write down a few goals for December, when I first started the blog I did a few goal posts and haven't done one in awhile, so time to get back at it -- especially since New Year's resolution time is around the corner

  • Take more photos with my DSLR, at least once a day I want to pull it out and take photos. The quality of my iPhone ain't cutting it and I need to get some photos in some frames to make our house a little more "homey" 
  • Decrease social media time. I admit it I spend to much time on Instagram and Facebook etc, admission is the first step right? It's unconscious most times and I do it on autopilot and find my self scrolling for no reason at all.  I have this year at home with my daughter so I need to soak in any moment, nothing is more important than her or my husband! Naptime can be my time to check out what happening.
  •  Bake 2 different Christmas cookie recipes than usual. Hoping that they will be of a German variety that I can master so that when Greta is older we can bake German Christmas cookies together as a tradition.
  • Develop a blogging schedule.  I probably won't post everyday but I hope to post 3 times a week regularly so I plan to sit down and plan some content, posts etc so that come January I can have plan. 

Do you set goals every month? What are your goals? Feel free to share some blogging schedule tips, recipes and how you curb your social media time. I'd love to hear from you!

In other news, we tried our first cloth diaper out today! Trying to convince Matt it's the way to go so I'm borrowing my sister's stash to try them out before her new one arrives in January!

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