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      Could you please leave a comment below letting me know how the portions of my blog that are     suppose to be yellow (ie: pretty in the title, the circle around the date of post, all the brush strokes on the side bar) look to you? I was working on my husband's computer the other day and realized it looks like a very pale yellow, nearly green on his screen yet on my computer it is more of a buttercup yellow (as I want it to be). Just interested on what you readers are seeing and how to change it if need be! Thanks a bunch.}


  1. The yellow is a nice buttery colour for the backgrounds and the title but I find your name hard to read under your blog posts and the home at the bottom of your blog, its like they disappear.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Ashleigh! I'll work on trying to figure out how to fix those elements. I think it must be the graphic setting on Matt's computer that is making the title look weird!


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