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thinking about | Green grass and spring. Seriously, winter is so brutal this year! I know it's I shouldn't really complain as we choose to live here, normally I don't finds winters this bad, but with this "polar vortex", our bitter cold temperatures started in early December and have not let up.  I cannot wait to get to Germany in February. I plan to take Greta on daily walks along the lake near my in-laws, stroll the cobblestone streets in the center of town, and breathe in the fresh air! In the meantime, I hope the wind decides not to blow so fiercely every other day and the temperatures rise to a manageable degree so we can enjoy some direct sunlight and a nice walk in the cool air. My husband, on the other hand, will remind me daily that the Gold Coast of Australia would be a great place to move - you know once I'm done school, where he believes I'll work and he'll surf and raise Greta all-day long while I bring home the big buck$ (because apparently Occupational Therapists make really good money in is tempting right now!)
listening to | Grammy performances. Is Lorde not amazing?! And only 17! Greta sat on my lap and watched her quietly this evening, it was so cute. P!nk was great too as well as Sara Bareilles and Carol King, plus many others.
watching | Homeland. Finally a show that my husband and I could agree on, which is usually rare. We flew through the first season, only to sadly find out that season 2 is not yet available on Netflix. So disappointing. Have you watched it? I've always loved Claire Danes and she is excellent in the lead role.  
thankful for | Heat. A few communities not too far from us are dealing with no heat due to a natural gas explosion over the weekend, in these cold temperatures I can not imagine how they are dealing, running space heaters. We forget how much depend on the essentials until just like that they are gone in the middle of the freezing winter.

Greta starting to sit up independently.

Winter. Cold, snow, and wind,

my sweet niece Brenna {2 days old}

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  1. found you through the link-up -- your blog is lovely and your little girl is so beautiful! just thought i'd stop by and say hi :)

  2. Beautiful pictures. Each in their own way.
    Anywhere there is a warm beach sounds HEAVENLY to me.
    Have a great week,

  3. Oh man Greta is too darn cute. So glad you could link up with us again! I love reading what you have to say every week :) The pictures you took are GORGEOUS. loved the snowy one. beautiful.

    I've never watched Homeland but I'm always looking for new shows. ESPECIALLY ones my hubby will like ;)

  4. I love your picture of the snow from out the window, beautiful!! Also, the way you describe Germany sounds ahhmmazing!! Can you take me with you? ;) haha


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