Friday Ramblings {vol. 1}

Happy Friday!  Here are just a few little things on my mind:

one | I became an auntie for the second time on Wednesday morning! My sister and her husband welcomed a sweet little girl, Brenna Evelyn, to their family! She is so precious, I spent the last day and a half with them and getting some newborn cuddles. My nephew, who is four, is so excited and loves his little sister - it's so sweet to witness the adoration of an older sibling to a new baby. Although I he is seeking a bit of attention for himself at times which is totally understandable, he is going to be a great big brother!

two | I'm so done with this winter already. Seriously, it's either frigid minus forty celsius or warmer temps with snow and high winds causing blizzard conditions. I just want some nice weather! Today on the way home from my sisters, Greta and I were nearly in an accident due to the whiteout and icy conditions. Before having a baby, heading out in stormy conditions didn't bother me as much, but now I'm so much more scared when out, more so worried about other drivers. That little one in the back seat is very precious cargo!

three | We are going through phase where Greta is refusing to nap and in turn becoming so overtired. I guess change in routine of staying at Grandma and Grandpa's overnight hasn't help out situation either. It's exhausting - especially when it has started to trickle over into her nighttime sleep too.  Sticking to my guns, sticking to routine and hope she falls back into her regular schedule but the other day she "played' in her crib for over and hour rather than napping so hope that isn't going to happen everyday.

four | I hate cold sores! Do you get cold sores? I've gotten them since high school, so they just seem to be part of my life but I still hate when they decide to show up, like on my wedding day! Luckily it started just after dinner during the reception and waited to get to the "ugly" phase the following day.  Currently dealing with one now, probably due to decreased sleep over the last week.  With a good prescription medication they are gone pretty quickly but still even after years of dealing with them they drive me crazy.

five | Lastly, just wanting to say a warm Hello! to some new readers/followers who found the blog through the my Birth Diaries guest post & the Mom Lovin' Blog Hop.  Looking forward to connecting with you all and checking out your blogs too, love this blog community and meeting other bloggers!

Have a great weekend all!

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