Day 12

Today, is the twelfth day that Greta has been in the hospital.  The first 10 days were spent in the NICU and yesterday (because we have been waiting for a bed for a week!) she finally was transferred to the Intermediate Care Nursery.  This is a step down unit as she does not require as much one on one care (yay! progress!).  It is much calmer on this unit, less beeping of monitors as many of the babies here don't require them anymore.  I am more relaxed and I feel Greta is too.  The only downfall is that there seems to be less room around her isolette and the chairs are far less comfy to spend the hours I do with her skin-to-skin.  Our next mission is to see if she will nurse or take a bottle so that we can get her off tube feeds and one step closer to home!

I'm starting to recover from my C-section and able to a bit more so during the times I'm not with Greta, I'm working on preparing her nursery for her arrival home...on and the rest of my time is spent pumping.  I am a slave to my alarm and the breast pump every.two.hours!  Ugh, I would so much rather be awoken by my sweet girl and cuddle her instead of the constant hum of the pump.  It's funny, I've read other "baby/mommy" blog and their constant obsessions with pumping or breastfeeding. Now I see where they're coming from, you want to provide the best nutrients for your little one and can come obsessed.  But, at the same time I grew up a farmgirl on a dairy farm and I definitely feel like a dairy cow hooked up to a machine at 2am (is that a bad analogy?)! haha!

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  1. You're doing a great job mama! Keep pumping!!! xo


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