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Happy St. Nikolaus blogettes, today is Nikolaustag or St. Nickolas Day.  It's a German (as well as other European countries) tradition that we plan on celebrating yearly with Greta.  This year (and the next few) she is obviously a little to young to get excited or understand but Matt's mom sent her a package so we are going to start it this year anyways.

What is St. Nikolaus Day?

You can read about it here, but essentially it is a day to celebrate Saint Nickolas (who Santa Claus is based on).  Children in Germany shine up there best pair of shoes and leave them outside their bedroom door  (or some leave a stocking hanging on their door) on December 5th, in the morning of December 6th their shoes are filled with chocolate, small candies or a small trinket/gifts. Fun right! It's not a time for large gifts but just a small toy or candy.

I'm happy that we get to expose Greta to two different cultures and traditions.  We still have to decide how we will plan to celebrate Christmas because in Germany the main celebration and opening of gifts occur on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day, I think we will have sometime to figure out what will work best for us and it may depend upon where we celebrate Christmas.  This year we are here in Canada for Christmas with my parents but it will most likely alternate each year, if we can keep affording the flights.  I love Christmas and if I can't spend it with my family, I think Germany is the next best place! Have seen/heard about German Christmas markets (Weihnachsmarkt)?! They are absolutely magical! I can't wait until we get to expose Greta to one when she is older! 

Cologne Christmas Market {via}

Hope you have a great weekend!

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