Weekend Recap { it's cold outside edition}

We spent most of the weekend staying warm with the woodstove burning and watching cheesy Christmas movies.  We are in a deep-freeze here (as it sounds like most places are experiencing colder than normal temps across North America) with our temperatures sitting around -40 C with the windchill.

We did venture out for a local pancake breakfast with Santa on Saturday morning where Greta got her first photo with Santa:

{Apparently I'm not doing so well with my December goal of using my dSLR more as I forgot it that morning so this was snapped with the iPhone}

On Sunday I baked and decorated some sugar cookies while Greta and Matt enjoyed some snuggles on the couch.  I'm also loving these cookies and hoping to give them a try next weekend although, I'm not sure mine will ever look as pretty, I can dream though right?!

 Lastly, last night was a bit rough.  This lil' miss was quite fussy and did not go to sleep or stay a sleep for very long. These rosy cheeks appeared yesterday, leading us to believe she may be teething.  We are hoping she is not getting sick - but we are off to the doctor today for her 6 month appointment so we will see what the doctor has to say about it anyways.

{I think the rosy cheeks look pretty cute!}

How was your weekend? Are you in a deep freeze where you are? Hope you have a great Monday to start off your week!

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  1. Aww, I think rosy cheeks are cute too - although I don't like that it means my daughter probably feels miserable! :( Hope you guys don't have too rough a time with teething, and hopefully she's not getting sick!!
    Your sugar cookies look gorgeous! Almost too good to eat!
    Yeah, this cold weather can leave anytime! We were down in the -35-40 range too last week, which is not that typical for southern AB...the last few days have been downright balmy at -10-15!! :) Ugh...why do we live in Canada (at least from November - March)??


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