Dear Greta: 8 months

Dear Greta,

Oh my sweet girl, I can't believe that you are 8 months today! You are growing up so fast right before our eyes as it seems you are different and learning something new everyday. It's so amazing to see you getting so big.  This month your little cousin, Brenna, finally arrived - it's going to be exciting watching you two grow up together - she just might be bigger than you before you know it!!

Your Stats:

We are going to a doctor's appointment in a few days where will get your current weight.  You are not gaining weight very quickly right now, and at at your last appointment the doctor was slightly concerned.  We will see what you have gained after the last month and then see what the doctors says. Your eating solids now, twice a day, so we really hope that this helps.  Your in 3-6 month clothes tight now and we have passed all your old 0-3 stuff to Brenna.

About You:

You are napping so much better lately, taking a good long morning nap - which makes you and Mommy happy!  Your sleeping okay at night, although you had a few rough nights lately where you just want to be held or in our bed. Your still sleeping in a cradle beside our bed, but we think it's about time we move you to your crib, Dad thinks your waking yourself up from hitting the sides of the cradle.  I never thought it would be so hard to move you into your own room, but it is time and we have decided that once we are back from our trip to Germany it will happen. 

Your sitting up by yourself! You can't get into sitting on your own yet but if I put you into sitting then you sit and play very well.  You have just started pushing your bum back while on your tummy and I think that you'll start attempting to crawl soon -- and then things will change!  Your eating oatmeal, rice cereal, sweet potato, banana, pears, carrots, avocado, and apples. It's a fun mealtime with our little family of three eating together and your grabbing at our plates!

You have started to get some nicknames! Daddy loves calling you "Gretski" and jokes that you and cousin Ebba are going to be great Germany hockey players at the Olympics one day! Haha. We also call you, sweet girl, sweet pea and squeaky.  

You Love:
  • pears and oatmeal is your favorite food right now, with carrots a close second.
  • music
  • listening to Mommy read
  • bathtime
  • swimming! we went the first time this month and you really had fun.

In just a few weeks we are off on your first airplane ride and trip to Germany it should be exciting and I think there will be so much change this month!

Love you sweet girl!

Mommy, Daddy & Milka

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  1. OMG, that pic in the hat is too cute!! What a grin. :-)
    We have yet to move our boy into his own room. A couple weekends ago we set up the Pack N Play in our room because he has basically outgrown the bassinet...And, I haven't put him in it yet! I actually cried the first night when I was planning to do it. It's hard! But I know it needs to be done!


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