Tschüss! (for now)

(note: Tschüss! is bye! in German)

Well, only a few more days until we are off on our trip! I'm getting really excited, although at the same time - I'm feeling a bit unprepared. I still have quite a bit to do before the we jet-off but just wanted to pop in one last time before there is a bit of radio silence here on the blog.  I had considered asking for a few people to guest post while I'm gone, but I really didn't want to burden anyone else with posts-- and frankly, I didn't find the time to think to much about it. So sorry, it will be a bit quiet around these parts over the next couple weeks -- but stick with me (please!) and check back in a few weeks -- because I hope to post lots of travel pictures!!

I would like to tell you to make sure you follow me on Instagram, but I'm afraid it might be a little silent too since my in-laws don't have wi-fi (gasp -- the horror! hehe) and I'm not aware of how/if you can post from a computer. Hopefully when we head on our little trip to Dresden, the second week of our trip, I'll be able to post some travel pictures of the beautiful city and Greta! You'll probably get some classic airport picture thou - if that interests you (hopefully a dead-tired mom, crying baby selfie won't make an appearance...).

Well, I'm off to tackle some heaps of laundry, start planning what to pack, and then will tackle the packing this weekend. I had thought of doing a "Travel Diaper Bag" post but that will depend on time or it might wait until we are back to ensure I actually packed the right stuff, lol.

 Hope you all have a great Valentine's day! I'll be snuggling with this lil' valentine tomorrow:

serious cuteness right there!

Take care guys!

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  1. Hi Kelli,
    I just came over from Hand and the Heart (who I found via Gotta love the blogging world!) and just wanted to comment here because I'm not sure you would still be watching for comments on your birth story that was on Andrea's blog back in January. I had a very similar birth experience with my son last year (born at 31 weeks in May 2013) and had a lot of the same experiences and feelings. Not being able to breastfeed at first, feeding tubes, going home without him! I also never got much of a baby bump, my boyfriend never really felt the baby moving, I never had any contractions or took maternity pics. All so similar! Glad to see Greta is growing and thriving. :-) Hoping to read the full story sometime in the next few days but I didn't want to go any longer without commenting because I felt such a connection with your guest post! :-)


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