Dear Greta: 7 Months

Dear Greta,

The months just keep on coming and going! It was a pretty exciting month for you as you celebrate your very first Christmas.  Of course, you were spoiled by everyone and looked so cute in your Christmas outfits.  Your changing so fast and everyday there something new that makes us laugh.  It's been so cold this last month that we have spent so much time inside and cuddled together on the couch.  I think these days will be some of the best memories I have with you, just us, snuggles and music playing all day long while we wait for Daddy to get home from work.

Your Stats:

We predict you are around 13 lbs - you get some immunizations later this week where we will see if that number is right.  Your 0-3 sleepers are getting short and so even though the 3-6 are big your in them for comfort.

About You:

Your sleeping well, only up once in the night for a feeding around 4-5 and your naps are getting better.  Although it seems to vary as I believe you are teething, nothing poking through yet but your drooling and chewing like crazy.

You tried your first food! The doctor had given us the go ahead for solids at your last appointment but I have been hesitant. I have had my mind on letting you decide when you were ready for food (baby-led weaning concept) but after some discussion and hard thinking we thought giving cereal was worth a try.  You neither loved it nor hated it. Leaving me still questioning which way introduction of solids will end up.  The BLW really makes sense to me so I will sit with it for a bit more and maybe try you with some steamed carrots or some avocado next and see how it goes.  I'm in no rush to force solids into you - you growing beautiful with breastfeeding and your only 5 months by your adjusted age. It was fun taking photos of your first food experience though.

You Love:
  • giggling when I try to speak German to you - cracks me up everytime
  • smiling as I sing to you - makes me happy as I know it's not a pretty sound (lol)
  • Milka, although she has not yet warmed up to you yet!
  • Sophie the Giraffe which you got for Christmas
  • morning floor time with me
The next couple months will be exciting as I know we are going to see so many big changes and we will travel to Germany so you can meet your cousin and see Oma & Opa again - plus do some traveling with us!!


Mommy, Daddy & Milka


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