My friends and I get together once in a while for Sunday brunch, it seems to be a day and time that works well for everyone when people live out of town, have babies and crazy work schedules.  I really enjoy this time with my friends.  We alternate the hosting home and we each bring a dish. It's great; most important meal of the day with some of the best people in your life! It's a great way to end a weekend as well as embark on the new week. 

This weekend I made this - delish! Was a big hit!

I am currently working on this project and hope to share my tale and results when I'm finished. I wrote in this post about waiting in for an important letter - it came and I got an interview for Masters of Physical Therapy!! So excited - now I have to prepare to be ready for it in March!  

Happy Monday!
What are your valentine's plans for tomorrow?



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