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I know I'm a day late - but Happy February!

January has past and I have to say I did well on my January goals - I'm a vitamin-taking machine and my meal planning has been going great (it's so nice to have it all planned out and make one shopping trip a week to buy groceries - and I save more money!)

So now that the month of love is here its time to set a new group of goals.  Two things I have set are:
1. I want to take more photos - well iPhone photos if they count!?
I really enjoy photography {and would love to invest in as DSLR camera but I have to justify the money} so one photo a day is my goal.  I am taking the Instagram February photo challenge so this should help with my success. 
2. Be more active.   
 I guess really work out which is actually something I enjoy doing, but for the last few months {actually since our wedding!} I have been in a real lull - maybe I'm just enjoying married life?! Whatever it is it needs to stop and my goal is to get Ms. Jillian Micheals to whip my a$$ into gear!  Plus work is slow at the moment so I can't use it as an excuse!

Have you set some goals this month?
Are you a February / Valentine's lover or do you feel it's to commercial?
I personal love that there's a day {or month for some} that we designate to show love to people we care about - and it doesn't have to be with jacked up roses prices - to me it's small things that count. Even a few gummy hearts wrapped up is sweet gesture!


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