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Happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend {too bad they go so fast!}.
Usually once an month or so, I get together with a group of friends I've been friends with since high school {even some since Kindergarten} and this month was my turn to host.  Since there are 3 of us in the group with January birthday's and we all turned 28 - I decided to have a little party on the 28th this month.  A few were unable to make it but the majority did - and like always it was a night of catch-up chats, wine sipping and lots of food! Unfortunately - it seems as we get the older the earlier the party ends due to the addition of the cutest little babies and my move to a part of the country furthest from everybody but I enjoy the time while it lasts.

Regardless, it was a fantastic evening and this cake was a hit!

{Instagram photo}

It was a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cake, recipe from here which I found via pinterest.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend? Or just relax? After this weekend next weekend will definately be resting!


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