Waiting & Wondering...

Been busy lately - filling out Graduate Studies applications, arranging the paperwork and writing letters of introductions.  Now I just wait, constantly check the mail and avoid chewing my nails (bad habit!) as I await a letter advising me if I get an interview or not. I tell you - I hate waiting.

I have been working towards this goal for the last 10 years of my life - to get a Masters in the area of Rehabilitation. As I approach my 30's with no success as of yet I ponder - what to do if this year is again a rejection or yet another wait list? I have told myself that this is the last year.  It's not that I am giving up on my goal - it's just how many times do you continue to get back up when your knocked down? Is there a reason it's not meant to be? Have I focused so much on one plan that I have not taken into account other opportunities or dreams? So many questions and I can't seem to find the answers. So I wait to see what fate hands me - an acceptance or a open door to a new adventure that I have maybe overlooked.

But while I wait. I am dreaming of here.

{personal photo - edited via Instagram}
Just a year ago, I spent an amazing week there with my {now} husband and his family. 
It was really one of the most relaxing vacations ever.
It was not warm.
It was not overly sunny.
Nor did we party like rockstars.
But in the dead of winter - this quiet little fishing village on the coast of Denmark was so serene.
On the fogging mornings, staring at the ocean and sipping Cappuccino I felt at peace and had not a single worry in world - and right now I want to go back.
{my in-laws are lucky as they are there now!}

Have you found a little piece of heavan you dream of when life gets overwhelming?



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