Confessions and Changes

So I have come to learn that I am not very good at this blogging thing! It's easier to read others blogs because that just takes going to my Bloglovin' feed in the AM and catching up on the latest posts which involves reading and enjoying the thoughts, ideas and/or pictures.  Writing my own blog, on the other hand, takes a little more effort; thinking of what to write and share, then preparing the post and the process of trying to make my blog "pretty" which I am still an amateur at! I need to really fit it into my schedule and make it happen -- which unfortunately that is about to get harder due to my latest news!

I wrote previously about filling out applications for graduate studies and well DRUMROLL.....I got accepted to one of those programs. Meaning: my life is about to become a whole lot busier starting in August! It's going to be a busy upcoming 2 years but I am looking forward to having this blog as an outlet that hopefully is unrelated to my studies and to follow blogs that keep my head in the non-acedemic world so I can keep some sanity and sense of a different life!!

I'll leave you with a few photo's I've snapped and posted on Instagram lately (I have a slight tree obsession and a bit of a thing with "paths" while awaiting my fate for school!).

Happy Monday

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