Due Date!

Today, was the day Greta was "predicted" to arrive! Which makes her a term baby today.  As rough as the first 2 months of her life have been on our family emotionally - I'm not sure I would change it.  It has taught me how much strength I have to deal with difficult situations and many other things about myself but mostly I wouldn't change it because I have gotten to spend two more months than most parents do with their baby.  We are lucky that she was strong and was able to come home from the hospital after just over a month so that not all of those 2 months were spend in the atmosphere of the hospital.  I cherish every cuddle, every kiss and each moment with my girl in the comfort of our home.

I am excited to see her progress now that she is term.  She should slowly start to reach the milestones that other newborns do - and I am most excited to have her smile, a smile that I know is not gas but a true smile! Now the exciting time of watching her continue to grow begins!


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