Hello September!

September, my favourite month and the beginning of the loveliest season -  FALL!  Over the last week we have been experiencing record high temperatures for the month of August (everyday above 30 C) and I am hoping that the weather will begin to cool as I'm not a big fan of the heat.  I'm my happiest in a sweater and scarf, some boots and sipping a pumpkin spice latte.  We were married in September as I didn't want to sweat in my gown, and because September in my favorite month not only because of the change in temperature and colors but because I always thought of it is more of the "new year" than January,  I always think that September is a time for new beginnings and changes.

Last September, I had begun my masters program and it truly one of the best first weeks of school during my university career! As much as I love the daily cuddles with Greta and seeing her begin many of her firsts - I do miss the class that I became apart of so fast and enjoyed the company of everyday.  I am lucky that although I am not with them daily this year they still include me as one of their peers and love Greta too! But now I embark on a new beginning.

This September, is the season I will cherish becoming a better mother rather than better student - where I will have sleepless nights cuddling my sweet girl instead of writing papers or cramming for exams, where my lesson in normal development will come from watching Greta grow and interact with her environment rather than from a textbook, and where finding balance will involve finding time to have a shower rather than making time for family and friends amongst endless deadlines and due date {or find the time to write a blog Greta is sleeping on my chest as I write this}.

Next September, I will be a mother AND a student, which will bring about more challenges than I know I can predict.  It will be a season where I believe I will encounter the biggest changes of all.  So for now I will embrace my time as just a mother, as I know the things I learn this year will be more than I will ever learn in the classroom and will help be become the me I'm suppose to be.

Happy September.

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