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thinking about | Lots! I'm thinking about the huge to-do list I have (and should probably be tackling instead of blogging..) such as laundry, cleaning, and planning. I have lots of planning to do, you remember when I wrote in this post about my making a decision to return to school? Well, I made my decision and I will be headed back to redo my placement on May 5th. With that decision comes some big changes, as I will be completely my fieldwork placement in a place near my parents, and therefore Greta and I will be living there during the week for May & June. We will be coming home on weekends but we will be living there so that my mother will be able to look after Greta so we can save on childcare costs for those 2 months, and also save my sanity as I think placing her in daycare before she's a year, and getting back to school-mode all at the same time just might make me go a little insane.  It was a big decision, and a tough one, but we decided it is our best choice right now. The fact that I will have July and August off to be with Greta and Matt before returning to classes help in making this decision as well.  Not really sure how I feel about living with my parents, and away from my husband makes me feel quite yet....

reading | Well I finished two of the best books I've read in a while on our trip. I talked about reading The Light Between Oceans in a previous post and I have to say this book is amazing, seriously! I haven't read a book that brought me to tears in a long time but let me tell you, I sat finishing this book in my in-laws living room with tears streaming down my face. They must have wondered what the heck my problem was. If you haven't READ IT, so well written, you feel for each character and you are so torn in then end of who you want to side with. I also read The Book Thief, also another great book, couldn't put it down and the fact that is was about the WW2 & the holocaust and I read it while in Germany it really made it interesting and had me thinking a lot, Matt and I had some lengthy talks about Nazi Germany and I looked at the world around me wondering what it must have been like during this time.

listening to | Happy by Pharrell, gets me in a good mood - might just get my cleaning done quickly today!

watching | catching up on Nashville & Grey's Anatomy episodes I missed while we were away.

working on | blog post from our trip - can't wait to show you guys some of the picture, I hope I have some posts up this week but first I need to get that to-do list tackled!

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  1. I am catching up on Greys, too! Not sure how I feel about what's going on! :) Congrats on the big decision! I feel so blessed my mom is able to watch Ben for me when I work a few times a month.

  2. I can't wait to hear all about your trip! So exciting to hear about your decession to return to school. Sounds like you will be juggling a lot, but I've got faith in you mama!! And what a great example of hard work you are giving your daughter!! -Mary

  3. I am so glad my mother in law lives with us to watch our little guy. Sending him to daycare would be SO much harder!
    I've heard nothing but praise for that book so I just downloaded the sample to my Kindle. :-)


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