Currently. {8}

Currently. Manitoba is thawing out and spring is here! I'm so happy that this winter has come to an end and the trees and grass will so be green! 

Thinking about | Greta's first birthday. She was 10 months this past weekend (yikes, gotta do my 10 month post!), meaning we are 2 months away from the 1 year. I'm not trying to rush it - but with starting my placement next month I figured I should use the last bit of free time to start some planning. I'm hoping that we will have some nice weather and can have an outdoor garden party, with a "grow" theme! I think it's fitting as I feel she was our tiny little seed we nurtured into a blossoming flower this past year and I want to celebrate how far she has come. Not going to go too "pinterest" crazy but I might tackle a few projects like this or this. I'm thinking blankets on the ground and some mason jars hanging in the trees. Then simple sandwiches or wraps with garden veggies and fruits.

Listening to | Serena Ryder. I've always loved her voice, but my girl crush was re-awakened after last weeks Juno Awards. If I could sing, I would wish to a range like her and that raspy-ness is a tone I'm always drawn too. Bonus points that she is a good Canadian girl. Haven't heard her go listen, this was my first fave!  

Watching | ACM's. Yes, I have a diverse music taste - love the country music awards. There was so many great performances last night, and I was so happy to see The King, George Strait, take home Entertainer of the Year.

Reading | I've been on a role with books lately, next I plan to pick up Atonement. I have seen the movie (multiple times) but never read the book so I think I'll see if it's as good -- or better.

Thankful for | this post! It was nice to read this post along with the comments to know that I am not the only mother who struggles with a social media obsession, and it also made me aware that I really need change some things - and put my phone away! If you follow me over on Instagram you know I post a few times a day and I check it even more, yesterday I put away the phone, posted nothing and plan to make sure I do more on a regular basis! I got one more month at home with my sweet girl so I want to savor the moments! Time to put down the phone, stop scrolling aimlessly, and be present. Don't worry I'll still post - just at naptime! Thank-you Jenna for this reminder and push to be present! 

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  1. Jenna's post hit home for me too. I notice on my days at home with my kids that I am attached to my phone. Days at work I hardly ever get to check it and somehow I survive. Funny how that is huh?! ;) Greta's first birthday party sounds like such a fun theme! Enjoy keeping is simple, but cute. Throwing your first birthday party for your baby can get a little blown out of proportion (at least in my case) so I love that you said "not too Pinterest crazy." Smart woman! Haha Thanks for linking up with us! // Mary

  2. You post beautiful IG photos though! :) I can't believe Greta will be one soon!!


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