Dear Greta: 10 months

Dear Greta,

Your really starting to grow up now! Every day you seem more and more like your a little toddler than a little baby - I think if you were walking it would really feel like it! When you stand at your play table and bop your head to the music it make me think how quick you have grown! I cherish the moments I cuddle you in my arms and think back of the days you were soooo tiny- then I put you down and you keep me too busy to think!

Your Stats:
  • Weight: 15lbs 6oz
  • Length: 26 inches
We went to the dietitian and she says we are feeding all the right things and you are definitely starting to gain weight. The other night when we were bathing you we were laughing about your little potbelly -- we are not worried about you getting enough food! You love your food, especially bread!

About You:

Your creeping! Not quite crawling yet but you get around by pulling yourself with your arms. You get up on all fours but drop to your tummy when you have somewhere you want/need to be.  Standing is you most favourite thing. You will pull yourself up on anything to get to your feet, which at times can be a little scary. Like when I sat you in the laundry basket to change a load of clothes only to turn around and find you standing! Good thing your pretty sturdy because you were not on carpet if you were to fall. Your are constantly jabbering away, lots of dadada, bababa, ahhahah sounds are coming out - no mama yet although I encourage it daily ( or hourly!). 

You Love:
  • Bread! If you won't eat anything else we know you'll eat a slice of bread.
  • mandarin oranges
  • mommy making silly faces
  • music
This is my last month at home with you full time, and it makes me sad. I have loved every minute of the last 10 months spent with you and I wish that it could continues.

Love you baby girl,


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  1. Can you even remember when she was so tiny anymore?? It's hard for me! :-)
    It's crazy how fast they change. My son just decided he would start letting go of things while standing this week. What the...?? He only stays up for a few seconds but geez. Slow it down, buddy!
    I am jealous of your 10 months at home with Greta! But also sad for you having it come to an end. If you are like me you will cry a lot the first few days, but then work/school will get busy and you'll be OK!


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