Greta Goes to Germany {Part 2: Dresden}

We decided to take a few days away from being with Matt's family and head to the city of Dresden, in southeastern part of Germany. When planning the trip we had thought that we would take the ICE train as we thought it would be easier with Greta, but after checking out the cost of train tickets and finding out they were more expensive than we had anticipated, we hit the discount site and found a great price on a rental car. So instead of the train we drove. It was a five hour drive from his parents and Greta did ok for the first 3 and a half but the last bit she was quite fussy - so we know for future car rides we need to break every 3 hours.

Dresden was an absolutely beautiful city! It was completely destroyed in WWII, so the city has been completely reconstructed from the rubble, but they did an incredible job. I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves.

We were lucky to get a great deal on an apartment hotel in the centre of the old town, Neumarkt. We were walking distance to all the sites, restaurants, pubs, and markets.  We found this really convenient for our needs while travelling with a baby, as we had a place that was close to take her back for a nap, or diaper change, and also the addition of a stove was great for preparing her baby food. We had lots of room, great views, and a deep bathtub! 

Another great purchase for our trip was the BobaAir, we had our stroller as well, but we found that we used the carrier a lot, and it was easily tucked into our diaper bag and used once Greta grew tired of the stroller on our long walks through museums and cathedrals. 

We extended our original stay by once extra night & day in order to be able to go to the Bastei Sandstone Mountains that were about a half hour south of Dresden, and we are so glad we did! What a remarkable view - it was quite fogging that morning but it was still stunning! 


Overall, this city stole my heart and I will have so many memories of our first family adventure that were made in this city, that I think it will hold a special place in my heart for years to come!

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