Those Rough Mom Days

Yesterday was a rough mom day over here. It seems like the last week we have been having more rough days than bad days and I start feeling like I'm horrible at this mom thing! The week after our trip went great, Greta was sleeping through the night, napping like a champ, eating well. Then bam!We seemed to have hit a rough patch, where we had rough nights, not naps, and she really is not eating well. 
It really got to me, and then finally I just sat and thought about all the good days we had and how great she was on our trip! I'm pretty sure every mom has hit these rough patches and if you put it into perspective, the good days, far out number the bad days. Last night, I went to bed just hoping for a good day and told my self if it was another rough day I would get through it, just like I have and it will get better.

And guess what..

I woke up today, and it has been a good okay day. The last few days I felt like it was the biggest task to just get my self changed and the bed made - but today, lil' miss took a morning nap without much struggle, so  I got some laundry done, the kitchen cleaned, the bed made, and I got to enjoy my coffee. We went for a walk, I vacuumed the living room, and I'm finding time to blog! The afternoon nap was a challenge, but 75% of the day went great so I'm counting it as a success.  

What I'm trying to say with this post, is when your having a rough day, when your in the "trenches" it seems tough, but take the time to look back and gain some perspective, cause even though in some moments it seems it may not end, the good days will come, they far out number the bad, and really these precious days and nearly a year has seemed to just slip through my fingers, so I have to even cherish the bad days - because she won't be this small forever, and the days and struggles may only get harder.

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  1. Oh, mama. The days are long, but the years are short. I remind myself of this all the time. I also remind myself that NO ONE can be my little man's mama like me. He needs me...but someday he won't. It's a gift to be with them. I know it's hard to think of this way when all we feel is frustrated that our to-do lists aren't getting done, our babes aren't sleeping, and we are tired...but hang in there. There can't be more important work than this.


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