Dear Greta: 5 months

Dear Greta,

Wow, we are one month away from you being half-a-year old.  Everyday you are changing and becoming such a clever girl as you are grabbing rattles, laughing and smiling at new sounds or faces, and exploring your body - especially your hand which you appear to find quite tasty as they are ALWAYS in your mouth! (You've have been keeping us busy - which is why this months letter is a little late.)

Your Stats:

Well you haven't been to the doctor so we don't have an exact weight on you this month but I'm guessing your around 11 or 12 lbs now.  Your growing quickly out of the 0-3 outfits you've been wearing so you are growing quickly!

About You:

You are learning and growing everyday, plus you finally have a consistent sleep schedule! You go to bed around 7:30pm and you are sleeping until 5:30-6am.  You eat while you are sleeping at 11pm which gets you through the night and allows daddy and I to get a good sleep as well.  You listen to Jewel's Lullaby album every night as you fall asleep in your cradle.  We are hoping now that you are sleeping well that we can move you into your crib in the nursery that I decorated so pretty for you! (We will see if it happens before next month.)

This month you celebrated your first Halloween! You didn't get dressed up in a costume but took pictures with the pumpkin daddy carved (his very first one since being in Canada!).  It is starting to get colder and your about to experience your first winter and first snow! It's exciting at first but Manitoba winter's are so long, you'll probably hate them when your older, haha!

Love you sweet girl,

Mommy, Daddy and Milka

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