so it begins...

{pretty corner of my desk}

I'm still a few months from the beginning of school and I am already busy with "school-related" stress.  Paperwork and more paperwork has been on my plate, from filling out applications for a student loan to providing my immunization records to my faculty, then add on the prep for our honeymoon, finishing up my last couple weeks of work and trying to keep our home in order I am nearing the end of my sanity - and it's only just begun. Yikes! Thank goodness we have Africa to look forward too for a bit of R&R before it begins again.

My hubby and I have been busy prepping my office for an ideal study area and we DIY'ed a desk.  It turned out really, really great - I'm so happy and I love that I am writing my blog from it today {much better than on the couch on the little coffee table. 

Stay tuned, I'm working on a post to show you the process and reveal the desk! If you follow me over on Instagram you have already seen it.

Have a happy weekend!

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