Honeymoon Talk!

I'm writing this post to you sitting on my patio soaking up the rays of +30 celcius sun and listening to some Florence + the machine {love}!  We will be leaving for our honeymoon {squeal; I've been waiting for this since last September} in Kenya and Tanzania in just over a month!!  I am currently in preparation mode, thinking of what I need to purchase, pack, double check etc etc.

  Sitting here with bead of sweat dripping from my brow {hyperhydrosis much?!} I am realizing I also need to prepare for the HEAT. I am NOT a heat lover, well not unless I'm near a pool/beach/lake and sipping a fancy cold cocktail.  It has me thinking and probably you as well, "why are you going to Africa then? silly girl!"  Well the answer to that is that even though I don't like heat, I like adventure! Add spending 2 solid weeks of no work, potentially seeing the most amazing landscapes and animals EVER all with my best friend, husband and co-adventurer - I'll suffer in the heat because the experience will be worth it. 

Guess Africa may have not been the most romantic choice for "honeymoon destination" as I don't think romantic involves the constant scent of bug spray, potentially having delusion from malaria medication, chances of lion attacks and probably being sweaty, smelly and dirty while driving across the Savannah on a jeep.  But I guess I look at it - that we said for better, for worse why not test him out on some of "the worse" early on ;)  Plus we can share our "romantic" time while in Zanzibar where I will be sipping those said cocktails on the beach, so we get the best of both worlds with this adventure!

How did you spend your honeymoon? Did you take one, or not?  So many of my previous co-workers, family member and people I talked to said they never took a honeymoon. After hearing that my husband and I made a promise that we would take one within the first year - and we would make it memorable no matter what it took.  Well we have made good on that promise, and although we now have a dwindling bank account we will have memories we hope to share and talk about for a lifetime!


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