Wellness Wednesday

Well the Christmas tree is down, birthday festivities completed and holidays are over.  Now is the time to focus on the goals of 2012! 

Note that I used the word goals not resolutions - there is a difference.  A resolution is simply a statement of intention - "I will lose weight" (one I have made all too often - and yet I fail!) whereas a goal is a result or achievement toward which effort is directed and they require some planning and thought. Goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-specific) and when they are not is when they go unreached. It's more realistic to say on December 31 that "by February 1, I want to lose 5lbs" - its has a realistic, attainable number with an end date that can be measured.

So as I resolve to be healthier, more organized and appreciate what I have - I need to have some goals to get to an end result.  I have set out to focus on small changes through the upcoming months.  First I am focusing on my health and well being.

With that said my first goal is to take my vitamins! (I am horrible at this - I always, always forget!) but starting this morning I have taken measures to make this attainable.  I started with 3 types (multi, B12 and Vit D), I have placed them in a pill box for the week, on the kitchen counter where I prepare my breakfast. I have given myself the month of January to make it a continual habit and the pills already being set out make it attainable and measurable as I can visibly see if I have forgotten.

It may seem like a small little thing but it is a stepping stone to a bigger outcome.  A few of my other goals this month include: eating more vegetables, going to bed earlier and planning meals for the week.

What are your goals for 2012, if you care to share? Feel free to comment!



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