oh the joys of laundry...

One thing I really dislike is laundry!  Seriously for a home of two people it seems never ending, tedious and I just am purely horrible at it (just bought a great new pair of PJ's - first wash and they are now inches short - and I wash in cold water!!??!?). I can't imagine how I will survive when we have kids, the husbands farm clothes are enough to drive me bonkers! 

So pinterest (follow me!) brings me some inspiration to think maybe if I'm not doing laundry in our unfinished dungeon of a basement, it could be enjoyable.

What if could look like this:

I love these next ones because I love the rustic farmhouse feel



and lastly I love this one and you need to check out this blog where its from for many, many more farmhouse ideas - be still my heart!

So what are your thoughts on these rooms? They make me want to get right into the basement and make it happen!  Do you have any tips on making laundry better/easier? And I would love some feedback on matching socks, the pile of mismatched socks in the laundry room are driving me batty!

Happy Thursday - it's nearly Friday and I am so happy, and hoping the weather holds here in Manitoba. We are being spoiled with above zero temperatures - I'll take it compared to the usual -30's!



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