2012 and 28

Hello all!

So today is my 28th birthday and for the beginning of my 28th year I have decided to try blogging! Why? Well not exactly sure myself....I'm an avid follower of some blogs here in "blogworld"( like here and here - yes they are wedding blogs but have some good insite as well!) and they have inspired me to write about my life experiences and they have also inspired me to make some changes in my life which I will discuss and share on here.

So for my first blog post I'll introduce you to our little family:

 (my cute and amazing husband Matt, who has the cutest geman accent! and myself)

and...of course our "fur baby" Milka (she's a german shorthair pointer)!

 (photo's by the amazing Lisa)

So there are the introductions...keep following to learn more and to follow the journey. 
( Bare with me as I learn to blog and I hope the posts get more intresting and fun! )




  1. Thanks for stopping by Jacin! That means a lot! I'll see how this goes :)

  2. Welcome to blogging! It gets addictive! :) I look forward to reading your posts!


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