checking the bounty.

Tonight after supper Greta & I joined Matt on a crop tour to see how the fields look and how the wheat was ripening. Not only was it a great little family time (which I really needed) but it also was a great opportunity for some photos.

It is about to get really busy around as harvest is upon us (and I head back to school). Less time for Matt to spend with Greta and I, as this window of time calls for long nights and many hours. Even though it is not our farm, as Matt is a farm manger for a local farmer, and the overall bounty doesn't make or break us at the end of the year - I still understand and support this busy time. I grew up on a farm, I see the passion and heart my husband puts into his job, and I understand what it takes. I hope to instill this passion and understanding in Greta. For her to know the land, understand the process, and see the hard - and important work her father is apart of.  It's her roots and maybe even her own future if that is what she desires. We may raise a doctor, an accountant, or a farmer - either way I hope she will always appreciate this bounty.

I really could go on and on with these! But I'll stop! After this one, 'cause common - look at these three!

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