Saskatoon Season

It's saskatoon season here on the prairies! Of all berries it is may favourite - and one of the main reasons why is it has always grown in my backyard!  I have many memories headed down backroads with my mom and siblings to pick these prairie treasures and have eaten my fair share of saskatoon pie too!   On Sunday we headed out around naptime with ice cream buckets in hand so that Matt and I could pick while Greta took her nap in the truck, the mosquitoes were too brutal for her to join in the adventure. After paying with our blood, we had a 4L pail full of berries, and headed home to bake pie and also let Greta experience their sweetness for the first time! Here are a few photos of her first taste -- and she couldn't get enough!

What a goof-ball!!

Come back later this week because I'm going to share a recipe for Saskatoon Skillet Pie with Maple Crumble!

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