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Currently | I'm baking cookies, while it's raining during naptime. Also I am so happy that we have green grass is our backyard - it has been far too long since I could say that!

Thinking about | where blogging is going to fit into my schedule. As I gear up to head back to work/school, I have been thinking a lot about where to fit blogging in my schedule. I know I don't currently post often but I would like to continue with 1-2 post a week. I will for sure be continuing on the 52 project but as for if I will continue to post more frequently is yet to be determined. As I have stated before, I love this community, so I hope to still be able to connect with you guys but knowing less time will be available to spend with family as I study and write papers, I'm unsure how often it will be! Although, part of me thinks it will be a great outlet to write about things other than school which would be great!

Watching | American Blogger. I follow Casey's blog so I was very intrigued to see this movie as she covered so much of it as it unfolded. I have to say, I really enjoyed it! Especially as it focused on the "community" of blogging that so many of us talk about and cherish. It was also really cool to see some bloggers I follow and get introduced to new ones. Overall, I think it was a great project and so happy they embarked on the journey to tell the story. I know there has been a bit of controversy over who was filmed, and the fact it did not encompassing the whole blogging world. Maybe it wasn't the best title, maybe the trailer was a bit cheesy, but I got to say - the movie was good from my perspective. Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

Thankful for | Skype & Facetime. They are so important in our lives to stay connect to Matt's family but now as Greta and I head to my parents for a couple months they are so important for keeping us connected, more Greta to be able to "see" daddy say good night, blow him kisses and for him to see milestones that may be reached while we are away. These are the times I am happy that technology is a big part of our lives and allows us to connect from anywhere, I can't imagine doing this without it!

Here are a few photos of Greta from over the weekend!

We lowered the crib mattress as someone is growing up fast!!

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