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currently | it's raining and gloomy. It's been raining for 4 days straight. Gloomy non-stop rain. It's so bad that places are flooding. The river is rising and if it doesn't stop, I'm pretty sure most of the river lots that my husband farms will be flooded. We are lucky as some places have had 7-8 inches of rain so it could be worse - thinking of those who's crops are already lost, whose basements are flooded, and those who are stranded as road wash out.

thinking about | getting organized. This stems from thinking of returning to school. My eight week placement and staying at my parent's house actually flew by, so I know that the rest of summer before school will too! I need to figure out the most efficient way to make school homework, spending time with Greta, time with my husband, and keeping this household together work while commuting 2 1/2 hours a day to school and completing all my assignments. So far I feel it means making freezer meals, meal planning, extreme time management, and reminding myself that I may just not be able to do it all (i.e. our house may be messy and laundry piles may heap - but if our bellies are full and my grades are good, we are doing good!). Happy that I secured daycare for Greta, so I will be transitioning her to the centre over the summer giving me time to get organized and those meals in the freezer.

listening to | the rain. Wishing it would just stop.

reading | blogs. Trying to catch up as the last eight were busy, I have tonnes of unread posts. I think I may just click all read on my bloglovin' and hope I haven't missed too much news!

watching | Homeland, season 2. I see this season is finally on Netflix - now if our internet would work for an extended period of time we may be able to enjoy it! (Ugh, bad part of living rurally is choosing between crappy and crappier as your internet provider...)

thankful for | so much. My husband who has said to enjoy the time at home with Greta for the next two months although we have to pay for daycare in order to ensure we have it for September. I really could find a job and work, but he supports the time want to spend with her, ensuring we will be fine. He works so hard to provide for us and allow me to follow my dream as I finish school. His support is unwavering, even thought I know he carries so much worry on his shoulder over finances. I hope that within the year I can help to lift that weight as I complete school, find a job, and can help us continue to live the life we dream for us, Greta, and hopefully another little one someday. I know I chose a good man. He reminds me everyday. xo

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